Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hebrew, A Vibrant Language

In the Forward written by Merrill F. Unger (one of the two editors), Merrill states (paragraph 4): “As the language divinely chosen to record the prophecies of Christ, Hebrew possesses admirable qualities for the task assigned it. The language has a singularly rhythmic and musical quality. In poetic form, it especially has a noble dignity of style, combined with vividness that makes it an effective vehicle for expression of sacred truth. The ideas behind its vocabulary give Hebrew a lively, picturesque nature.

I made a couple of observations about the above. First the positive:

(“This would make it appear that God gave this well-developed language to man because God wanted us to understand him. The language was exquisitely and masterfully designed by Jehovah so that the original perfect man would find it easy to communicate with his maker freely, uninhibited. Its “picturesque nature” made it ideal for Jehovah to teach spiritual truths to physical man.”)

Second, a bit of a refinement. Mr. Unger’s phrasing that Hebrew was “the language divinely chosen…” would, to me, indicate that God chose it out of other languages. The Bible indicates that up to the time of the Babylon, the “earth continued to be of one language.” Further, the Bible states that God spoke to Adam and that he allowed Adam to name the animals. These two facts would seem to indicate that, as I mentioned in my sticky note comment, the language wasn’t “chosen” but rather designed and developed for easy communication between God and man. (Yes, I am making an assumption that Hebrew was the original language prior to the confusion. Too long a subject to go into here.)

This is just one more piece of evidence that counters the claim that God is not interested in mankind. To the contrary, he is fully committed to a rich and deeply loving relationship.

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